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Beautiful Powerful, L57 Faith

Journal entry and sketches of L57 Faith (1977 – 2008) and L pod memebers L78 Gaia(1989 – 2012), and L101 Aurora,(2002 – 2008) by Bonnie Gretz

L57 Faith

Bonnie Gretz


I was on San Juan Island and out on a whale watch aboard Odyssey. On a warm, sunny day with glassy smooth water, we found Ls and Ks just into Canada between Sydney and Henry Islands. First we saw them jumping over the wake of a huge container ship, and then a big male L57 Faith came close and started breaching over and beautiful and powerful! Then Gaia L78 came very close and did a huge spyhop about 10' off the boat, and looked me right in the eye!!! Quite a few of the L pod group also were close by. From my whale diary: "spy hopping, rolling over, baby breach, tail slaps, baby face up, a little porpoising, and listening to them on a hydrophone...had one of the top 5 days of my whale watching life!" Every time I am with them, my connection grows deeper and stronger.

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Jun 22, 2021

What a lovely encounter! I love that you kept a journal and made sketches. Lifelong memories and thank you for sharing this one ☺

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