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Stream to Sea: Celebrating the Orca Salmon Connection

The Southern Residents are a community of fish-eating orcas that occupy a large foraging range within the Pacific Northwest. Visualize a horizontal line dividing Vancouver Island into northern

and southern sections; these orcas are primarily found foraging south of this line, hence the term “Southern” in their name.

Along southern Vancouver Island, throughout the Salish Sea, and down the west coast as far south as Monterey Bay, California, the Southern Residents actively forage in areas where salmon are seasonally returning to their natal rivers to spawn. These rivers and their surrounding watersheds are essential to salmon survival, and salmon are the lifeblood of Southern Resident orca survival. Following these inextricable ties, we’re making the “Stream to Sea'' connection our educational initiative in celebration of Orca Action Month 2022.

Throughout June we’ll explore some of the watersheds and rivers that are essential to Pacific Northwest salmon, all that are, in turn, vitally important to the endangered Southern Resident orcas and a healthy marine ecosystem.

Follow along with us throughout the month of June to learn more and participate in a multitude of events from British Columbia to Northern California.


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