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Orca Salmon Alliance

Scavenger Hunt

Instructions:  We’ve put together some questions from all 17 of our OSA member organizations PLUS bonus questions from our Orca Month partners.  To find the answers, visit each of our webpages (listed below the hunt section) and explore!  Find the answer (missing word/images/etc) and add it to your notes for the scavenger hunt. We encourage you to keep looking around on each webpage to learn more! 

 Submit your completed answers here.


Everyone who participates will receive a special digital download of a beautiful Southern Resident orca photograph as a prize, and we’ll do a drawing for the top three prizes! 


Now go forage for answers like orcas look for salmon!  Good luck, and we hope you learn something new! 

Email Colleen with any questions.

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Ready. Set. Go!

 This scavenger hunt is broken downinto 4 sections to make “hunting” on Orca Salmon Alliance members’ websites easier! Each section has logos from 5 organizations with each section’s questions coming from those organizations’ websites. List both the answer and organization beneath each question on the Orca Month Virtual Scavenger Hunt page.

Happy Hunting!

Click on a logo below to search for clues to the questions above!

OSA Logos
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